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Super Sprinkles - Nono Free From Chocolate - for cakes, cupcakes & ice creams

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Super Sprinkles - Nono Free From Chocolate - for cakes, cupcakes & ice creams


Most of the sprinkles on the market are made of sugar and artificial ingredients.Just spoonful of sprinkles on your ice cream or cupcake can add significant number of extra calories to your innocent treat. If on the top of this, you are trying to be healthy and avoid chemicals, E numbers or allergens, then there is no much on the UK market that you can find.

I remember been really challenge when my son’s birthday was coming up and having to find cake that was gluten, dairy, egg free. I was desperate as the cake also had to be nuts free.

When I discovered and experiment with recipes and finally mastered Free from cake that was eatable I was then challenge with the issue of decorating. Can’t use icing, marzipan, maybe chocolate spread? Hard to make cream without dairy. Fruit was limited as we couldn’t use strawberries or kiwi….

Idea came in to use natural chocolate coloured with superfoods and natural ingredients like our Nono

So this is it! - Nono Super Sprinkles

Bag 130g (covers approximately small 12 cupcakes 1 cake)

Ingredients: White Chocolate (Dairy, Gluten, Nuts Free, Organic) 70% (Cocoa Butter, Coconut nectar sugar, Rice powder) Superfoods: Cocoa 80%, Raspberry, Beetroot, Matcha, Curcumin, Pumpkin seeds, Orange & Lemon concentrated flavour, Dry eatable flowers

It may contain bits and bobs  


Per 130g Pack: Energy kcal*   470kcal, Fat* 32 g of which saturated* 12 g, Carbohydrate* 39 g of which sugar* 25 PROTEIN* 3 g Fibre* 9 g, Salt trace, Cholesterol 0, May contain additional nutrition from superfoods like vitamin E, C, Copper..

Recipe for Free From Cake coming soon 

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