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Nono - Gift of health 9 or 16 truffless

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Nono - Gift of health 9 or 16 truffless


We believe that no one should stop enjoying the things they love. Therefore, we have created something that’s indulging & permissible.

We say No!  No to Gluten! No to Nuts! No to Lactose & Casein! No to Egg! No to Yeast & No again to Artificial Colouring, GMO & Preservatives! No Hidden Sugar! No Cholesterol! And finally, No to compromise on quality & taste! We proudly offer a selection of Superfood Truffles.

We have selected the world’s best ingredients to create beautiful, raw, organic & natural truffles. Our truffles enhance the sensory experience, recall childhood memories & awaken you to the present moment. Each one has some functional* properties from Vitamin C to Calcium.

Beetroot & Raspberry with Baobab, CamuCamu & Quinoa provide range of nutritious benefits. This bag is packed with Vitamin C as well as wonderful antioxidants

Matcha – Not everyone’s cup of tea, but balanced with creamy cocoa and sour cherries makes wonderful way of picking your energy as it contains caffeine.  

Cinnamon it’s not only for Christmas. This wonderful spice can have calming effect on mind and body as well as powerful effects on health & metabolism. This bag is your source of Calcium.

Baobab & Orange it’s a recovery Protein Punch that can contribute to your diet & exercise routines. Baobab provides a source of the key electrolytes, Potassium & Magnesium, which contribute to normal muscle function & to electrolyte balance. According to The Journal of Nutrition, Baobab has the highest antioxidant content of any fruit. A single serving of  provides: 33% of your daily Vitamin C requirement (NRV)

Rose - You are one truffle away form good mood! We hardly think of Roses as a food, yet this flower exerts a positive effect on your body, mind and skin & has been used since ancient times to combat stress. Rose essence when inhaled, has been known to produce a sedative effect. This one was made for my friend from Lebanon to remind them of home. Eatable dry flowers, Roses oil from Bulgaria, Superfood mix

Macro Marz - our signature mineral marzipan. If you love Marzipan but don't want the sugar or can't have nuts then this one is for you. Or if you are not so keen of drinking Spirulina (like anyone loves that staff).... you won't notice that when the almond 'punches' your test-bugs. Beautifully nutty and crunchy from Pumpkin Seeds. This truffle is real Superfood Power.‘First truffle that started the NoNo family was Macro Marz. The idea behind came from having to manage my son’s complex condition & supply him with additional nutrition. He couldn’t swallow supplements & he wouldn’t eat much. Later, his daily treat became his only source of minerals, antioxidants & vitamins.’A. Bester

Ingredients: Dairy, Gluten, Nuts Free White Chocolate (Cocoa Butter, Rice Powder, Coconut Sugar) (36%), Coconut, Cherries (19%), Protein, Baobab, Cinnamon, Beetroot, Raspberry, Matcha, Powder (13%), Amaranth, Quinoa (12%), Seeds: Chia, Dried Apples, Sour Cherries, Golden Berries (3%) Rose Oil,

Nutrition: per bite 

On average, each bite has 24-46 kcal,1.1-3.9 Carbs, 0.5 - 1.3 Sugar, 2.9 Fat, 1.5 Saturated Fat, 1.5 Protein, High Fiber 29%, 2.7 mg Magnesium, 1.6 mg Vitamin C, Iron, Zinc, Phosphorus, Manganese, 17mg Potassium & other micro nutrients.


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